Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection

As well as being commonly used in Gate and Door industry, electronic sensors provide solutions for vehicle and pedestrian safety in Carparks, Factories, Warehouses etc.

These Sensors can be used to trigger our custom-made LED Safety Signs to provide effective warning to avoid potential hazards.

Control1 will work with you to determine the specific type of sensors and signals required for your application.

- Over Height Warning Sensors

- Vehicle Blind Corners Sensors

- Pedestrian sensors

Microwave Radar Sensor for Barrier Arms  

Radar Sensor for Barrier Gate

Barrier Arm Radar Loop Detector

  • Detects Vehicle and Pedestrians. It can identify the difference between both.
  • Replaces traditional in-ground loops. 
  • Commercial Outdoor IP65 Rated Unit

Infrared Safety Beams

Safety Beam for Gates, Doors and Barriers.

  • Commercial Grade Outdoor IP 65 Rated.
  • Dual Sensor, avoids false triggers from Sunlight and Rain
  • Transmitter & Receiver in one, avoids extra cabling
  • Used for Parking Garages, Gates, Barrier Arms

Induction Vehicle Loop Detector

Induction Loop Detector, Vehicle Detector

  • In-ground Loop installation for Gates, Barriers, Traffic Signals
  • Wireless Vehicle Sensors, avoids the need for loop cutting