Wireless Controls
  • Long Range Remote Control
    • Control far away devices with wireless RF Technology
    • Control Water Pumps, Flood Lights, Gates, Rigging, Crane
    • Saves you cost and hassle of running cables.
    • Great for Rural Sites
    • Works up to 2KMs away.

Long Rage RF Remote Control and Receiver

RF Remote Control and Receiver

  • 4 Channel- Preprogrammed units.
  • Suitable for Garage, gates, Lights and many more applications
  • 12v-24v to fit most applications.
  • Slim profile remotes

Garage Remote Control and Receiver

  • Gate and Garage Door Remotes
  • Control all your devices with a single remote, with our remote cloning technology.
  • We can clone remotes to your existing devices.

Gate Remote